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Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth Burnishing Agent

SKU 2620-01

Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth is a water based, low V.O.C., natural gum based edge slicking and burnishing compound for use on natural or colored veg-tanned leather. Produces a professional looking, smooth, shiny, burnished edge.


  • Small Capacity: 4.4 fl. oz. (130.12 ml)
  • Large Capacity: 32 fl. oz. (946.35 ml)


  • Shake well before each use.
  • For best results, round off edge of leather with an edge beveler prior to application.
  • Apply a thin coat of Gum Tragacanth to beveled edge of leather with a wool dauber, cloth or slightly damp sponge.
  • Rub edge very briskly with an edge slicker, bone folder or piece of canvas.
  • As the Gum Tragacanth dries and heats up due to friction caused by rubbing, treated edge will darken and shine.
  • Repeat until desired burnish is achieved.
  • Use caution when applying Gum Tragacanth on leather that is to be stained, antiqued or dyed, as it may resist or block penetration of some color.


  • This product will not work properly if frozen.