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Only the tooled designs are provided. The Doodle Pages in this collection were originally produced with the tooled design on the front side and either blank or information (usually advertising) on the back side. Therefore, tracing patterns are not available for the Doodle Pages in this collection. This set includes the first 12 Doodle Pages published around 1950. They contain valuable information and instructions for many aspects of leatherworking. Made by some of leatherworkings premier artists of their time, the lessons taught and the patterns given are a vast source of inspiration and knowledge for any leather artist.
Doodle Pages included:
• Square Geometric Border with Floral-Ken Griffin
• Floral Border with Right & Wrong Floral-Ken Griffin
• Floral Border with Right & Wrong Leaves-Ken Griffin
• Floral Border with Notebook Cover-Lad Haverty
• Indian Brave on Rearing Horse-Gene Collins
• Leaf Border/Using Undercut Bevelers-Ken Griffin
• Cartoon Cowboy with Floral Border-Al Shelton
• Matching Belt & Watch Bands-Carl Wilson
• 7 Flower Patterns & 3 Leaf Designs-Joey Smith
• Stylized Heraldic Border with Geometrics-Ken Griffin
• Basketweave Border with Sea Horse-Ken Griffin

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