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The Mary Jane Crossbody Bag by The Farmstead Ministries

The Mary Jane Crossbody Bag by The Farmstead Ministries

Steve Dawson, owner of The Farmstead Ministries, designed The Mary Jane Crossbody Bag! Follow along by watching his full video and use the free patterns to make your own. The Farmstead Ministries products are all saddle-stitched by hand to guarantee the highest-quality and most durable stitching!

Learn tips on saddle stitching to master the same technique!

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  • Old World Veg-Tan Sides (SKU 9031-55)
  • Natural Heavyweight Veg-Tan Cowhide Strips (SKU 4524-00)
  • Ritza Tiger Thread (SKU 0795-20)
  • Rivets & Burrs (SKU 11282-20)
  • Button Studs (SKU 11311-53)
  • Cast D-Rings (SKU 1129-01)
  • Trigger Snaps (SKU 1147-00)
  • Halter Buckle (SKU 1505-00)
  • Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth Burnishing Agent (SKU 2620-01)
  • Beeswax Block (SKU 2014-00) 
  • Aussie Leather Conditioner (SKU 2199-00)
  • Barge All-Purpose Cement (SKU 2510-03)


  • TandyPro Heat Imprinter (SKU 3980-01)
  • TandyPro M-Series Pricking Irons (SKU 86001-10) 
  • Craftool Wing Divider (SKU 3607-00)
  • Craftool Multi-Size Wood Slicker (SKU 8121-00)



The Farmstead Ministries

The Farmstead Ministries is a family-owned company committed to serving as many people as possible. We created The Farmstead in response to the overwhelming number of people who don't have access to basic human needs for themselves or their families. At The Farmstead, we use our gifts to create hand-crafted leather goods and apparel, then use the proceeds to meet people's needs, empower lives, and spread the Gospel.



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